birth wise birth center austin home birth area

Tour & Consultation


Your private tour of the birth center is a full hour reservation to ensure we address all of  your questions regarding giving birth with Birthwise. We’ll address any health concerns & decide if out of hospital birth is the right choice for you.


1st Prenatal Visit


Your 1st appointment is a full hour where we will complete a nutritional & lifestyle assessment, a full physical exam, & address expectations for your care.



Our midwives reserve a full hour for each appointment. If you need less time, that is absolutely fine. We find that most families enjoy this time to have all of their questions regarding pregnancy answered in a unrushed, relaxed environment.  



The postnatal period is often called the fourth trimester. This is a tender time where TLC in addition to clinical care is important to your and your family’s well being. Our midwives tailor postnatal care appointment length and frequency to meet your unique needs and home visits are available upon request.



Whether you’re contemplating pregnancy or need an annual wellness exam, our midwives offer well woman care with a foundation in integrative health care. We use holistic & natural therapies that support your body’s healing systems prior to use of pharmaceuticals.

After-hours phone consult


All of our pregnant and postnatal clients have 24/7 access to their Midwife. For non pregnant clients we charge a $40 after hours fee for non emergency calls or texts after 5pm.