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Birthwise Birth & Family Center is your home away from home. Our birth center is nestled in the heart of central Austin with state of the art equipment in a comfortable environment. The experienced Birthwise midwives are dedicated to offering you personalized care with careful attention to your clinical safety throughout your pregnancy and birth.

Birthwise Austin Birth Center


At Birthwise Birth & Family Center we believe that building relationships with your providers has a positive impact on your health, wellness, & birth experience. We set aside an entire hour for each appointment to address everything you and your partner need from clinical assessments to emotional & informational support. By really getting to know you, we’re able to support you during your labor and birth on an intimate, soulful level that gives you the space to really step in to your power in birth. Birth is a truly transformative experience where you will dig deep, break through psychological & spiritual barriers that have been holding you back, & come out on the other side of labor with more than just a baby. You’ll emerge from labor & birth with the power, wisdom, & grounded knowing to take the leap into motherhood.


Birth Center

Choosing our center as your birth setting has a profound influence on your pregnancy. Our model of care decreases overall risk for cesarean birth, preterm birth, & low birth weight complications. Additionally midwifery care is associated with lower rates of complications and medical expenses with in the first year of your baby’s life. It isn’t just the location of where you birth, but the attention to clinical & personal detail that midwives offer. Our midwives offer an hour for each appointment to be certain that you’re well informed and supported throughout your pregnancy and post partum period. We also give you our personal cell phone numbers and are there for you 24/7 because even the simplest question or smallest concern can change the course of your pregnancy.

Birthwise Austin Birth Center

Our Services

Birthwise Birth & Family Center offers preconception, well woman, prenatal, birth, post partum, & newborn care. We believe that health care is more than just physical symptoms and approach your care form an integrative perspective. Each appointment is a full hour so that we can address your whole being : environmental health, psychological & spiritual well being, nutritional & lifestyle, & a complete physical exam. When healing intervention is needed, our midwives utilize natural therapies first such as herbs, homeopathic remedies, & nutrition. Our midwives will utilize allopathic or western therapies if needed & have a network of skilled, supportive physicians to refer our clients to in cases where medical management better serves you or your baby. We offer exclusive home birth services on request.


“The care I received was amazing. April and her team are truly knowledgeable at what they do. My prenatal visits were very thorough and intimate. I felt heard, cared for, and empowered. My labor was filled with loving support and trust. They continuously reminded me of the wisdom and strength of my own body to birth my beautiful baby. My experience was pure bliss and I couldn’t imagine it any other way. I highly recommend Birthwise!” D.T.