About Midwifery

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A Certified Professional Midwife is a licensed provider offering pregnancy and birth services in accordance with the Texas Board of Midwifery. Midwives are experts in birth. Research shows that the care of a midwife decreases your risk of cesarean births, infection, & pre term birth while increasing breastfeeding success, satisfaction with birth experience, & reduced post partum complications.

Learn more about midwifery and the research regarding our standard of care.

At Birthwise Birth & Family Center we believe that building relationships with your providers has a positive impact on your health, wellness, & birth experience. We set aside an entire hour for each appointment to address everything you and your partner need from clinical assessments to emotional & informational support. By really getting to know you, we’re able to support you during your labor and birth on an intimate, soulful level that gives you the space to really step in to your power in birth.

Birth is a truly transformative experience where you will dig deep, break through psychological & spiritual barriers that have held you back, & emerge on the other side with more than just a baby, but with the power, wisdom, & grounded knowing to take the leap into motherhood.