At Birthwise Birth & Family Center we offer comprehensive midwifery care in a loving environment from preconception through the postpartum period. Birthwise Birth Center is Austin's premiere birth and homebirth midwfery center, located in the heart of Austin, offering VBAC, waterbirth, family led midwifery care. We firmly believe in client education and empowering mothers and families in order for them to achieve great births. 

Preconception Counseling

Birthwise Birthing Center offers personalized counseling for women and families wishing to prepare for pregnancy or for those wishing to improve their fertility. Using a combination of nutritional, herbal, and homeopathic treatments coupled with physical exams and labwork Birthwise is able to assist families in achieving pregnancy through holistic and non-invasive means. Join us for part one of our Holistic Birth & Beyond class series- Your holisitic preconception

Prenatal Care

Mothers and families are invited to ask as many questions as they desire, and to discuss fears and/ or concerns that may arise. There are no “stupid” questions, and there is ample time throughout the course of your prenatal care to have thoughtful discussion, as we set aside an entire hour for each prenatal appointment.

Prenatals include the following:

  • Maternal monitoring of blood pressure, pulse, dipstick urinalysis, lab work as needed, in addition to nutritional and activity counseling.
  • Fetal monitoring includes auscultation of fetal heart tones, palpation of fetal position, and fundal height measurements

Birth Care

Birth Care begins when you feel you need someone to be with you, not when you have achieved a predetermined contraction pattern. Every mom will know when she is “in labor”. We are as involved as each mother desires, respecting each woman’s unique emotional and physical needs.

Care of the Mother includes loving, nonivasive monitoring of blood pressure, pulse, dipstick urinalysis, temperature, cervical dilation, nutrition and hydration, guidance with postional changes, and emotional support

Care of the Baby includes gentle, loving monitoring of fetal heart rate, fetal position, labor tolerance and birth progress.

At Birthwise Birthing Center, we love Waterbirth and have attended hundreds of happy, safe waterbirths.

Postpartum Care

All monitoring is done in an unrushed and caring manner. There is never any need for your baby to be taken from you. All care can be completed with your baby in your arms or right next to mom in bed.
Baby’s heart rate, respiratory rate, termperature, weight, feeding and overall well being are continually monitored.

In addition to clinical monitoring, moms will be nourished both physically and emotionally and your family will be given the space to bond with your new baby.

Additional Services:

  • Complimentary Acupuncture 1 session with East West Family Health chinese medicine practitioner.
  • Free Childcare at "You're Worth it Mama, Wednesdays" every Wed from 10am-1pm while enjoying the services at Birthwise and East-West 
  • Holistic Birth Preparation Classes
  • Your Holistic Pregnancy 5 week pregnancy, birth and postpartum series
  • 1 prenatal yoga pass
  • prenatal herbal package


Please feel free to contact us for more information, or to set up a private consultation and tour of the Birthing Suites and Family Center. 512-374-9592