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Dec 5th 12:30 PM

Your holistic pregnancy- 1st trimester

Yay! You're pregnant. Now what? This lighthearted yet informative class is the 2nd in our Holistic Pregnancy and Beyond series.  We will discuss the importance of health and wellness during the 1st trimester and how to make it through both emotionally and physically. Topics include: physiologic changes, fetal development, diet, supplements and exercise, prenatal and birth care options, tests to anticipate.

RSVP required. 512-374-9592 or birthwisetx@yahoo.com  

only $15

Dec 13th 1:00 PM

Breastfeeding Success prenatal preparation

Join Janet Jones IBCLC or Lauren Reyes IBCLC for a fun and very informative breastfeeding class as you prepare for your new arrival.

In this candid and comedic class you will laugh, you may even cry, but you will definitely learn what it takes to achieve your breastfeeding goals.  We will take participants through the chronological experience of breastfeeding from delivery through returning to work and answer all of the questions that you may have along the way.

This class will cover:

  • Special ingredients in your milk and benefits of breastfeeding
  • How your body is preparing to feed your baby
  • The birth experience and precious hours after delivery – setting the stage for success
  • Positioning and latch
  • How to establish a good milk supply and cope with the changes that occur the first week after delivery
  • How do I know that things are going well
  • Common difficulties and when to call for help
  • Preparation for returning to work or school

This is a very interactive class and participants will be able ask questions so additional topics may be covered as well.  This is your class and we want you to get the most out of it.