Upcoming Events

Nov 2nd 10:00 AM

Holistic Childbirth Preparation

Join us for a concise, informative and fun childbirth class. This class will focus on your holistic out of hospital birth and how to make the most of your experience. Topics addressed include: pregnancy and birth physiology and hormones,when to call your midwife, the home stretch, common discomforts of late pregnancy, the stages and phases of labor, coping skills including relaxation and effective labor and birth positions, the immediate postpartum period.

for more information and to RSVP 512-289-3798 or birthwisetx@yahoo.com 

Nov 5th 6:30 AM

Birth Center tour and Q&A session

Meet with one of our knowledgable staff to explore your out of hospital birth options and tour our uniquely Austin Birth Center. We will discuss not only the differences between home and birth center birth but also the role of a midwife during the prenatal, birth and postpartum process. RSVP birthwisetx@yahoo.com or 512-374-9592

Nov 7th 12:30 PM

Holistic Preconception Preparation

This is the 1st class in the Holistic Pregtnancy and Beyond series. This class will address the natural rhythms of fertility and discuss methods to achieve pregnancy. Topics addressed include: the menstrual cycle/fertility charting, diet, herbs, holistic healthcare resources, prenatal labwork and healthcare recommendations and resources, common fertility alteratios and how to overcome them. Bring your lunch and let's talk about makin' babies.

RSVP required by phone 512-289-3798 or birthwisetx@yahoo.com. only $15/class!!

Dec 5th 12:30 PM

Your holistic pregnancy- 1st trimester

Yay! You're pregnant. Now what? This lighthearted yet informative class is the 2nd in our Holistic Pregnancy and Beyond series.  We will discuss the importance of health and wellness during the 1st trimester and how to make it through both emotionally and physically. Topics include: physiologic changes, fetal development, diet, supplements and exercise, prenatal and birth care options, tests to anticipate.

RSVP required. 512-374-9592 or birthwisetx@yahoo.com  

only $15